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Changing Partners (2007) - Korean Romance Movie

Changing Partners is the korean drama movie who tells about about dishonest 'accidentally' happens between the four people that happened was two pairs of couple who know each other. The first meeting of the four people this happens in the event of a bar owned by one of their friends. Min Jae and Yu Na, a pair of husband and wife from the middle which was very neat, very open and mutually enjoy their lives. Meanwhile, Young Joon (Lee Dong Gun) and So Yeo (Han Chae Young) is a pair of husband and wife's family seemed to be a stiff, cold and indifferent to the party. Exchange of this pair began when I met with Yeo Min Jae Young in Hong Kong while Joon clients boutique managed by Yu Na. Without can be dodged, dishonest also occur between two pairs of this couple. Harmony Min Jae Yu Na and begin to scrape the flat relationship and fully confidential. Meanwhile, the Young Joon and So Yeo, greet each other in love they are to change themselves and the ugly habits of each.

Movie Info
Title.............. : Ci qing aka Spider Lilies
Director......... : Yun-su Jeon
Writer........... : Jin Kim, Seon-mi Kim
Genres........... : Drama | Romance
Release........... : 15 August 2007 (South Korea)

Movie Cast
Jae-Won Choi
Jeong-hwa Eom
Chae-young Han
Seong-pil Kang
Dong-geon Lee
Yong-woo Park

Movie Trailer

Movie Download

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