Selasa, 12 Mei 2009

The Rapist (1994) - Chinese movie

Short Story : Identical Chinese title to "Portrait of a Serial Rapist", produced in the same year, about the same case. Told in semi-documentary style, we are eventually even taken into the mind of this maladjusted man, who rapes and kills (not necessarily in that order) uncautious young women (with the exception of one sprited old gal). The police slowly close in, then guess wrongly, then close in again. The main detective learns to anticipate the rapist's thinking. In the final confrontation, rapist believes he's found a man that understands him. But he's in for a rude shock
Cast : LEE Ka-Sing, CHEUK Wai-Mun, CHIN Gwan, Benny CHAN Kwok Bong, LAM Kee-To, HUI Si-Mun, Farini CHEUNG Yui-Ling, CHEUK Wai-Man, CHIN Kwan, KO Sin-Ming.

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