Jumat, 25 Desember 2009

Ninja She Devil (2009) - Japanese Action Movie

Movie Synopsis

Ninja She Devil is a movie who tells story about a female ninja much choose between forsaking her lover and becoTambah Gambarming an outcast in her own land in this sexually charged action thriller from Japan. Ninjas are known for their mastery of the shuriken, the sword, and the bow, but the female ninja possess the ultimate weapon - her sexuality. When chaos washes over the land, Kunoichi is faced with the most difficult decision of her entire life: does she give up her lover and vow her body to her new master, or forsake her vows and risk incurring the wrath of the most powerful warlord in all of Japan? Now, as Kunoichi prepares to make the decision that will dictate her entire future, another female ninja appears poised to carry out her own seductive agenda. When the shame of dishonor and the deadly skills of a ninja clash, forbidden love and insatiable bloodlust will forever seal their dark fate

Short Description
This movie tell about the girl sacrifice for her love, soul and body are given for her love to her boyfriend

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wahyu mengatakan...

part 5 untuk mediafire kok nggak ada ya

Anonim mengatakan...

Part5 dan Part6 Mediafire Gak Ada!!

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