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French Film (2008) - Romantic Movie

Plot Summary
Journalist Jed Winter is preparing to interview the celebrated French auteur film-maker Thierry Grimandi, a self-appointed expert on the nature of love. Jed is quick to dismiss Grimandi?s theories of love and romance as pretentious nonsense, irrelevant to real people in real life relationships. But when his long-term girlfriend, Cheryl refuses to marry him and instead forces him into couple counseling, Jed begins to realise that his own emotions aren?t as straightforward as he once believed. Even his best friend Marcus wants to talk less about football and more about love as the truth about his relationship with perfect girlfriend Sophie gradually emerges.
Movie Synopsis : English hang-ups about romance get satirically filtered through the perspective of French movies in this witty, cinematically-literate comedy helmed by British director Jackie Oudney and scripted by Aschlin Ditta. The creators set up two narratives: in a framing device, Eric Cantona stars as the elitist, pretentious French writer-director Thierry Grimandi, who could use a lesson in humility; he operates according to the mantra, "I consider myself lucky firstly because I am French, secondly because I make movies, thirdly because I understand love." As Grimandi periodically crops up to pontificate on film and relationships, a second narrative emerges. Hugh Bonneville stars as Jed Winter, a smug, unhappy British journalist enduring a super-dysfunctional relationship with long-term girlfriend Cheryl (Victoria Hamilton). She just rejected his marriage proposal out of dissatisfaction for the lack of romantic chemistry in their relationship; they tentatively remain together, but that all seems poised to change when Jed begins to develop feelings for his friend Marcus's girl, Sophie (Anne-Marie Duff) - and it just so happens that Marcus falls for someone else, leaving the situation wide open for Jed to waltz in and sweep Sophie off her feet. ~ Nathan Southern, All Movie Guide

Movie Info
Title : French Film
Director : Jackie Oudney
Writer : Aschlin Ditta
Genre : Comedy | Romance
Release : 28 January 2009 (USA)

Movie Cast
Adrian Annis - Bowler
Hugh Bonneville - Jed
Eric Cantona - Thierry Grimandi
Jean Dell
Anne-Marie Duff - Sophie
Victoria Hamilton - Cheryl
Douglas Henshall - Marcus
Kenneth Hooper - Park Patron
Henry Maynard - Waiter

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