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My Girl’s Boy (2007) - Korean Drama Movie

My Girl
Movie Synopsis
Seok-ho (Choi Won-yeong), a self-styled playboy with a beautiful wife, is fooling around with Ji-yeon (Ko Da-mi), a voluptuous photographer, but pines for Chae-young (Kim Poo-reun), a college student who appears to be the most virtuous girl in all of Korea. But it turns out that Chae-young, who frustrates her suitor at every turn, is not so chaste after all. The plot thickens as Seok-ho’s best friend Young-su (Ko Hye-seong), outwardly awkward and shy, sets his sights on Ji-yeon, not realizing that she is already involved with his best buddy

Movie Info

Title : My Girl's boy
Director : Park Sung Bum
Genre - Romance | Romance
Release : 2007
Audio : Korean
Subtitle : English
Run Time : 98 min

Movie Casting
* Choi Won-yeong
* Lee Jeong-woo
* Kim Poo-reun
* Ko Hye-seong

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