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American Hot Comedy Movie - Bachelor Party 2

Hot Comedy Movie Bachelor Party 2
Movie synopsis
Ron and Melinda may be happily engaged, but Melinda’s scheming brother-in-law Todd doesn’t like the thought of a new addition to the family business, so he plans to incriminate Ron at the ultimate bachelor bash in Miami Beach. Between Ron’s party-hearty friends and Todd’s tantalizing temptations, not to mention a sex addicts convention right in their hotel, it’s an outrageously sinful celebration that you have to see to believe.
Second Synopsis
This sequel to the audacious 1984 comedy Bachelor Party comes 24 years after the original and stars Josh Cooke as Ron, a bachelor who falls in love and decides to get married with his girlfriend of two months. His soon-to-be brother in law doesn't approve of the match, however, and is determined to out Ron as a gold digger. Many uproarious and outrageous encounters follow, as Ron's future in-law sets up boobie traps that live up to their names in more ways than one. ~ Cammila Albertson

Josh Cooke ... Ron
Michael Russell - Father (as Major Mike Russell)
Harland Williams - Derek
Greg Pitts - Jason
Danny Jacobs - Seth
Warren Christie - Todd
Sara Foster - Melinda
Emmanuelle Vaugier - Eva
Max Landwirth - Tommy
Karen Gordon - Autumn (as Karen-Eileen Gordon)
Steven Crowley - Billy
Audrey Landers - Bettina
Mauricio Sanchez - The Plumber
Chay Santini - Betty
Sandra Seeling - Gerda

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