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Korean Romantic Movie - Sweet Sex and Love (2004)

Movie Synopsis
The normal arc of a relationship -- attraction, experimentation, normalcy, boredom -- is paragraphed by sexually explicit captions rather than the more romantic pointers. As small fissures open up between the two in the relationship, they always manage to patch them over with some kind of sexual congress. But increasingly, it seems they're almost too much alike.

Movie Reviews
Man-dae Bong’s “The Sweet Sex and Love” is filled with sex held together by a flimsy story that may or may not be worth making a feature length film around. It’s not as if the script by Jeong-deok Kwak explores anything that will change anybody’s life. In short, “Sweet Sex” is about a young couple that meets, falls madly in lust, moves in together, then discovers that they have no idea who the other person is after all, and begins to fall out of lust as a result. Where does love fit into the equation? Probably nowhere, since the whole thing falls apart like a house of cards almost immediately, thereby proving that there was nothing solid here to begin with...More

Movie Info
Movie: Sweet Sex and Love
Hangul: 맛있는 섹스 그리고 사랑
Revised romanization: Masitneun sex geurigo sarang
Director: Man-dae Bong
Writer: Jeong-deok Kwak
Release Date: June 20, 2003
Runtime: 85 min.
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

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I love Korean movies.. their love story is authentic.. and refreshing

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