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Summertime (2001) - Korean Drama Movie

Movie Synopsis
A student activist who ran from police pursuit and arrived at a building where he was hiding, he found a pair of people who were making love, he peered from upstairs. One day after the man left the woman alone in a room and locked it, these students have a chance to come into the room by discovering the room key, and then having sex with the woman. Initially she does not know because she used stomach position, but at some point she turned her face and see with whom she made love, and they also love story continues in a hidden room.

Movie Info
Title : Sumemertime
Director : Jae-ho Park
Writer : Jeong-hak Lee (writer)
Genere : Drama
Release : 26 May 2001 (South Korea)

Movie Cast
Ji-hyeon Kim as Hie-ran
Cheol-ho Choi as Tae-yeol
Su-yeong Ryu as Sang-ho
Wok-suk Song as Ki-wok
Jeong-yun Bae as Young-mi

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