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Robotrix 1991 - Nu ji xie ren ( Film semi China )

Movie Synopsis
This Hong Kong fanboy staple is a soft-core cyber-stinker featuring Amy Yip as an android and David "Wu-Man" as a cop. Plot: A bastard scientist discovers he can transmit his mind into a robot's body. He does so to prove his point, and in his new body (which looks like Billy Chow), he goes on a crime spree which involves raping, pillaging and acting generally angry. Thankfully, the good guys have android cops, which all happen to be extremely busty babes. Amy Yip is the standout android, whose generous figure leads to all sorts of traffic accidents and peripheral hijinks that's not really connected to the madman's crime spree. Also, Wu-Man's girlfriend and fellow cop Chikako Aoyama gets cut down in the line of duty, but gets reborn as an android alongside Yip. Thanks to the android girls, evil doers will pay and, presumably, drool.

Movie Info
Title : Robotrix (Nu ji xie ren)
Director : Jamie Luk
Writer : Jamie Luk, Siu Man Sing
Genre : Comedy | Sci-Fi
Release : Hongkong, 1991

Movie Cast
Amy Yip as Anna
Chikako Aoyama as Linda
David Wu as Joe Chow
Billy Chow as Sakamoto's Robot

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Gabungin Pake Hjsplit....tutorial ada di http://barumbung.blogspot.com

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