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Kenikmatan Tabu (1994) - Film semi Indonesia

Movie Synopsis
Starting in Jakarta in 1979. Once upon a time there was a widow demanding Bambang to marry her. Widow's claim to have been pregnant. Marriage was performed, in the evening making out like they used to like when they were not married. After they were making out, feeling tired widow intends to take a shower. While the Widow is in the shower, the phone suddenly rang. Bambang picked up the phone, he was surprised that call is Sally (another girlfriend.) Sally also claimed to have been pregnant, he demanded responsibility from Bambang.
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Movie Info
Title........... : Kenimatan tabu
Director..... : Ackyl Anwari
Writer....... : Ackyl Anwari
Genre........ : Romance
Release...... : 1994 (Indonesia)

Movie Cast
Kiki Fatmala as Rita
Teguh Yulianto as Teddy
Inneke Koesherawati
Lela Anggraini

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ga bisa kebuka nih
gimana sih buka situsnya?

Anonim mengatakan...

kentot lah..

cmna ne ga bisa d download..

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