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Happy End (1999) - Korean drama movie

Movie Synopsis
Happy End is the movie who tells about Bora (Jeon Do-yeon), a successful career woman who becomes involved with her destructive ex-lover, Kim. Bora's home life is a snore: she's mother to an infant child and her husband, Seo (Choi Min-sik) has lost his job, leaving Bora as the family's sole breadwinner. It's unclear if Bora is with Kim just for the sex or for the passion, both of which Seo seems incapable of giving. But it seems the jobless Seo hasn't been just wandering around parks and reading romance novels as first thought; he knows something is going on, and he's collecting evidence.

Movie Info
Title......... : Happy End aka Haepi endeu
Director... : Ji Woo Chung
Writer...... : Ji Woo Chung
Genre....... : Drama | Romance
Release..... : 11 December 1999 (South Korea)

Movie Cast
Min-sik Choi as Seo, Ki Min
Do-yeon Jeon as Choi, Bora (as Do Yeon Chun)
Jin-mo Ju as Il-beom

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