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Istri bo'ongan (2010) - Indonesian Hot Movie

Movie Synopsis
Istri bo'ongan is the movie who tells about Koesno family, the 30th. Aryan decides to come with the candidate's wife as his parents' wishes. Arya confused because his girlfriend, Amara is a successful woman. The problem is, his parents have always thought that career women can not respect her husband. Arya and Amara find ways for their relationships sanctioned by Aryan parents. Came the idea of looking for a girlfriend contracted. After selecting an option many of women, finalley the choice is falling into Fani, a naive girl who works as a beauty sales. Arya pledged money 30 million to Fani if she would be a fake boyfriend for a month. Fani accepted the offer because he needed it to pay her debts in the village.

Movie Info
Title......... : ISTRI BO'ONGAN
Director... : Arie Aziz
Writer...... : Nurmalina
Genre...... : Drama
Release.... : 2010 Indonesia

Movie Cast
Dwi Sasono

Julia Perez

Jessica Iskandar

703 Ricard
Tarzan Srimulat
Bari Binrang

Istri bo'ongan Movie Download

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4 Comentários:

Yehezkie mengatakan...

kq ga bisa diputar ya bos yang ke 2 dan ke 3 nya. mo di combaine tpi ga muncul yang ke 2 dan ke 3. mohon pencerahannya

Anonim mengatakan...

gan, ga bisa dibuka yang ke 2 ma 3 nya.....

Anonim mengatakan...

Gabung filenya dulu brow pake HJsplit...tutorial dan downloadnya disini KLIK DISINI

Anonim mengatakan...

sudah tidak aja pilenya broo....
link yg lainya dimana?

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