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Boy Goes To Heaven (2005) - Korean Romance Movie

Movie Synopsis
Boy Goes To Heaven is the korean movie who tells a storyline about Ne-mo, born of an unwed mother, dreams of marrying an unwed mother. After the sudden death of his mother, a comic book rental shop replaces his mother's watch shop. Bu-ja, the shop's owner, is an unmarried mother living with Gi-cheol, her young son. Ne-mo has a crush on Bu-ja and proposes marriage to her. One day, when he goes to the movie theater with Bu-ja and Gi-cheol, a fire breaks out at the theater and he rushes into the fiery theater to save Gi-cheol.

Although Gi-cheol is rescued, Ne-mo awakes after 20 days. However, Ne-mo is no longer 13 years old but has suddenly become a 33-year-old man. He had gone to heaven because of the fire, but he did a deal with the messenger who brings dead souls to the next world--Ne-mo would grow one year older for every passing day. Now he has only 60 days to live 60 years. Ne-mo, who can live only to Christmas, begins a hot and short love affair with Bu-ja...

Movie Info
Title........ : Boy Goes To Heaven aka A Boy Who Went to Heaven
Director... : Yoon Tae-yong
Writer...... : Park Seong-kyeong
Genre....... : Comedy | Drama | Fantasy | Romance
Release..... : November 11, 2005 Korea

Movie Cast
Yeom Jeong-ah as Pu-ja
Park Hae-il as old Ne-mo
Oh Kwang-rok
Park Eun-soo
Jeong Jin-gak
Kim Kwan-woo as young Ne-mo
Hong So-yeon
Jo Min-soo (cameo)

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