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My So called Love (2008) - Taiwan Romance Movie

Movie Synopsis
My So called Love is the movie who tells about Kitty desperately seeks true love, sometimes foolishly. She runs into her biological mother, only to discover her step father is a peeping-Tom. She elopes with her classmate A-Liang, but eventually betrays him. She finds comfort from Xiao-Gu whom she met online, only to discover he is married. Kitty then meets Sunshine who gives her the love she wants, but she starts to doubt his feelings for her.

Movie Info
Title........ : My So-called Love, Org Title "Ai de fa sheng lian xi"
Director...... : Leading Li
Writer........ : Neko Hsu
Genre........ : Romance
Release....... : 21 November 2008 (Taiwan)

Movie Cast
Barbie Hsu as Xiao Mao
Eddie Peng as Ah Liang
Hsiao-chuan Chang as Xiao Ku
Ming-hsiang Tung as Sunshine (as Easton Dong)

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3 Comentários:

icank mengatakan...

subtitlenya tolong cariin dong boz.,.,
klw bisa yang indonesia sekalian.,.,,
kayaknya critanya bagus ni,,

Anonim mengatakan...

Subtitle : http://www.ziddu.com/download/12856510/My.So.Called.Love.ENG.zip.html

rommie.lamsel mengatakan...

sub'a kok 1 doang..satu'a mana..

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