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Những Cô Gái Chân Dài (2004) - Vietnam Drama Movie

Movie Synopsis
Những Cô Gái Chân Dài is the movie Modeling is a dream world by many girls, stood on stage and admired their beauty. But behind all that beauty, has an long legs, long hair is not real happiness. This girl realizes that happiness is actually come from the heart and it is in our hands each. Long legs, beautiful eyes is not a joy, he realized that he had lost his happiness, because his dreams become a model without effort. After all this time he tried to find happiness, this girl started walking plunge into the world of modeling.

Movie Info
Title............. : Những Cô Gái Chân Dài DVDrip
Director........ : Vũ Ngọc Đãng
Distributor.... : Thiên Ngân
Genre.......... : Drama | Comedy | Family
Release......... : Jun 15, 2004

Movie Cast
Anh Thư
Minh Anh
Mai Hoa
Xuân Lan
Yến Ngọc
Tống Bạch Thủy
Thanh Hằng
Hải Đông

Movie Trailer

Movie Download

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