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Now and Forever (2006) - Korean Romance Movie

Movie Synopsis
Now and Forever also known Yeoliji is the korean movie who tells about Min-su, a playboy who believes that there's no such thing as true love and it's all just a game, can't stand even a single relationship that continues on for long. However, fate leads him to a dazzling beauty, Hye-won, who had just escaped from an oppressive hospital. She makes a strong impression on him. Later, chased by a nurse, Hye-won sneaks into the men's room at the hospital and their second encounter takes place. Soon Min-su becomes totally captivated by this bold woman. At first Hye-won resists their love, fearing that losing her to her terminal illness will hurt Min-su too much.

Movie Info
Title........... : Now and Forever aka Yeoliji
Director...... : Kim Seong-joong
Writer........ : Kim Kyeong-hoon (screenplay)
Genre......... : Comedy | Drama | Romance
Release....... : maret, 13 2006 sout Korea

Movie Cast
Choi Ji-woo
Jo Han-seon
Choi Seong-gook
Seo Yeong-hee
Jin Hee-kyeong
Son Hyeon-joo

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